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Childminder/nanny near Guildford

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crazydiamond1 Sun 09-Oct-11 15:11:29

I will be moving to Compton near Guildford shortly and from January will need childcare for my then 1 year old son for 2 days per week. Can anyone recommend any childminders/nannies in the area?

nannynick Sun 09-Oct-11 19:36:34

I can't suggest anyone as I don't live in that village but should you need it, the list of Registered Childminders is:

HandbagAddiction Sun 09-Oct-11 21:01:28

Not in Compton but just the otherside of Godalming, so relatively close. Not sure about childminders but if you're looking for nannies, there are lots of decent agencies around - 2 of whom I have just used myself for my nanny / housekeeper. Try a lady called Pauline at Godalming Nannies. Or alternatively, there is a another lovely lady called Lin who runs the local branch of TigerLily nannies and she's also very good. Also there's Hatties Nannies run by a lady called Elaine. I didn;t have much success with her myself, but I know nannies (including my old one) who have signed up with her.

There are quite a few nurseries around the area - it's a long time since my children were there so I wouldn;t want to recommend but instead, you tend to find a lot of nurery nurses wanting to branch out into Nanny work and hence there tends to be a steady supply of relatively well qualified and keen people.

Good luck!

nannynick Sun 09-Oct-11 21:18:10

I got a nanny job via Hatties Nannies in the past, so can confirm that they are ok from a nannies view.

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