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LesbianMummy1 Wed 05-Oct-11 11:15:25

Hi I am wondering if you can tell me how you access safeguarding training and at what level you get offered in your area and whether in your area they do integrated working with other professionals and if so how this is accessed by childminders and nannies. Many Thanks

nannynick Wed 05-Oct-11 12:50:39

Surrey does a multi-agency course (pain in my view as the vast majority of course dates/times were weekday daytime). Not sure about level.
The early years team tried to be helpful (I had booked onto an safeguarding update course run by early years but turns out I don't qualify for the update course as I did not do the specific Surrey mulit-agency course) but they couldn't book me on the right course, it had to go through a different team. It took a while to sort out but I do now have a place on a course for end of February.

lesstalkmoreaction Wed 05-Oct-11 13:09:55

Gloucestershire here and we also have multi agency courses run in local hotels etc usually during the day but a large choice of dates and areas. I get regular emails about the courses, I did the full course last year so next time I can do the update. I'm a registered childminder so get information from the council. It is currently free to me but anyone can go and pay, last time it was about £40 I think.
What area are you in? someone may be able to give you better details. You can always ask your local children centre or school to put you down for the next available course.

LesbianMummy1 Wed 05-Oct-11 17:42:28

Thank you we have training here but was interested in how it is run in other areas as there is huge debate here over the fact all courses are term time weekdays never in school holidays evenings or weekends so lot's of childminders are finding it hard to do module 5

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