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Interviewing/meeting prospective nannies - what should I be asking??

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Liff Tue 04-Oct-11 13:35:31

Hi there

I am in the process of trying to sort out a p/t nanny to help out with after school care. Both my kids have been through nurseries so this foray into 1 on 1 childcare is quite new to me. I have obviously been asking for references but what shoudl I be asking and looking out for when I meet them?

Any thoughts/advice/experience gratefully received


pecanpie Tue 04-Oct-11 14:28:23

A bit about applicant's background - growing up, sisters/brothers, children/nieces/nephews, personal interests/hobbies

Previous work experience/talk through CV - what did these positions involve on a day to day basis?

Experience with children the ages of your child

Can they cook (if expected to)? What would be a typical day's meal plan for an X year old?

Expectations in terms of housework/laundry relevant to children (changing beds, washing, ironing, tidying, cleaning children's spaces and public spaces used by children - e.g. kitchen, emptying dishwasher or washing up). Ask first and confirm what you expect to be done.

Can you: make up baby's bottle, feed a baby, change a baby, bath a baby?

Any experience weaning if relevant?

What would they do with preschooler on a sunny day/rainy day?

How well do they know the area/local activities?

Can they read a story to your child in English? (follow up interview get them to read to child)

What would they do if child needed disciplining - choose a relevant scenario to your child.

Do they have up to date first aid certificate? What would they do in x situation? What do they see as dangers in and outside the home?

Do they drive? Can they fit a car seat correctly (perhaps for follow up interview, I would get them to show you)

Check paperwork required based on their nationality - be aware of what they will need if Romanian/Bulgarian for example and check they have it, otherwise no point in pursuing.

OFSTED registration for childcare vouchers - if they do not have, have they achieved level 2 NVQ in childcare which is baseline for voluntary register? How can you work towards this if you like applicant?

Enhanced CRB check - note this is part of OFSTED reg requirements.

Childcare vouchers - who registered with

Other interviews at the moment

Salary expectations (always negotiable)

Liff Tue 04-Oct-11 22:05:16

Wow. That's really, really helpful. Very much appreciated

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