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Finding a Childminder

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SmilingandWaving Tue 04-Oct-11 10:58:13

I have a 9 month old DS and work 25 hours a week from home, at the moment my work mostly fits into his nap times and I do another couple of hours once he goes to bed. It's really wearing me out though, he still wakes 2-3 times a night & I get next to no time to actually relax. So DP & I have decided that from the new year we need some sort of childcare for just 1 or 2 days a week.

I've done a bit of research & think that a child minder is probably the best option for us & I've found one who looks good one paper. I haven't actually made any contact yet as I'm not to sure how it works. I know they recommend a few settling in sessions before starting properly but how far in advance should these start?

Basically what I need to know is how soon should I contact her (or anyone, as I'm aware she may not be suitable or have spaces) if I want him to start properly in January. Also what should I be looking out for, what kind of questions should I be asking?

Would 1 day a week be too confusing/unsettling for DS or would he get used to it?

As you can probably tell I haven't really got a clue about any of this, in my rosy tinted world of pregnancy I imagined him playing serenely at my feet while I typed merrily away with my perfectly manicured nails and the house elves got on with the washing up! hmm

SmilingandWaving Tue 04-Oct-11 11:04:58

Also I've been using the easiest method possible to get him to nap which means he naps in his pram after about 10mins of rocking, this isn't going to work for a child minder is it? Will they tell me I need to sort this out before I send him?

An0therName Tue 04-Oct-11 12:10:25

contact asap for Jan - I would visit at least 3 - ask to see Ofsted reports and reference
have a look on the NCMA website for some more info
I would recommend more than one day a week - maybe 2 short days
naps I wouldn't worry about it - childminder v used to different children's requirments and children also behave differently for different carers
settling in depends on the CM - with my DCs - couple of visits with me, 2 short session , then full day

Pishtushette Tue 04-Oct-11 13:56:05

I would start looking now for a Jan place, just in case it takes you a while to find someone who your DS and you both like. I had had two weeks to find my CM and ended up fiding her about three days before I was due to start work so there was no time for settling in.

DD goes one day a week and she's really happy with this, but one of the CMs mentioned that it can be unsettling as the DC gets used to the CM and then by the next time they see them, they've forgotten who they are.

DD didn't really nap before I started work and I worried about this because I'm sure the CM needs a break during the day, but once she started she was fine and now usually has a nap.

As AnOnther said, the NCMA website is really helpful and gives a list of what you should ask fo.

Good luck finding a nice CM.

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