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Help me work out a timetable for out new nanny

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InHerCupsAgain Tue 04-Oct-11 02:09:39

I'm a newbie to the nanny game and am expecting our new live-in nanny to arrive in three weeks. She's from Eastern Europe but is new to the city (Cambridge) as am I. Although she's been in the UK a couple of years so language is not an issue.
She'll be taking care of my 2 DSs aged 4 and 1 1/2. Initally both of them full time as DS1 isn't enrolled in a local school yet.
I'm trying to work out a timetable of activities as DS1 in particular is very active and both she and the boys will go spare in the house all the time.
Her references are really great but one of her previous employers told me to be sure and lay out exactly what I expect her to do.
I've had a look on MN local and found a local library that does storytime and a few toddler groups but after that I'm stumped. DS2 loves his naps so all daytime activities have to work around that too.
Any pointers on where to get started or should I just let her get on with it??

claudia88 Tue 04-Oct-11 02:43:38

What do you do with your DC's? Have you been looking after them up till now at home or using some other childcare?

We had nannies when DCs were little. I told them all the stuff I did with them e.g. playgroups, one o clock club, local soft play etc and they did them instead of me. I also used to suggest stuff to do each day - either going out or something to do when staying at home plus told them what food was available to make lunch and tea.

When they first started I also arranged for them to do some things with other mums I knew locally - either go to playgroup or just organise informal "playdate" in park. That way I could get the other mums to keep an eye on them and give them a way to meet some other people with little DCs locally.

Also, when they first started, I did a couple of introductory days with them - taking them around local area, showing them where stuff was. Gave the kids a chance to get to know them with me around and eased the transition into sole nanny care.

InHerCupsAgain Tue 04-Oct-11 02:58:36

Thanks, both DCs have been in full time creche until now.
With moving to a new area and also the fact that I have a new ( and more responsible ) job - thus can't bunk off if one is sick) decided a live in nanny was the best option for us at the moment.
I do have two days with her when she starts to get her and the DCs acquainted.
Unfortunately I've only just moved to the area this week ( from abroad) so don't know anyone she could meet with for playdates. I vaguely know the area but not any kids stuff.

peanutpie Tue 04-Oct-11 03:32:09

What about parks, playgrounds and outdoor stuff? Where are your nearest ones?
Local softplay?

MogandMe Tue 04-Oct-11 08:04:01

I am a nanny and love the first few weeks in a new job/place as I love finding new groups etc.

Some questions you need to ask are ;
* do you have a budget for activities?
* do you want them to go out everyday?
* are you happy for DS2 to sleep in his pram and do an activity with DS1 or for his nap to be moved about ie some of my DC2/3's have had naps which change times during the week depending on schedule.
* do you have local sure start centre

Current charge does (off the top of my head!)

M toddler gym, lunch, drop in at sure star
T nature walk/playground, lunch, story time at the library, playdate straight from library
W coffee morning at the church, lunch, library for new books then play @ home
T swimming
F messy play, friends for lunch, play with friends

Ebb Tue 04-Oct-11 10:47:55

This website has a few good places for to go with children including soft play centres, zoos, museums and farm parks. When I worked near Cambridge we had annual membership to Wimpole which is great for children. Check out your local Netmums as well for info on Toddler groups, messy play, music classes, gym classes etc and lots of ideas for free activities.

Ebb Tue 04-Oct-11 10:54:39

Also Sure Start Centre, Krafty Kittens, Lots of activties. Hope that helps. You could also contact a couple of local nanny agencies and ask if there are any nannies local to you with similar age charges who would meet up with your nanny. From what I remember, Cambridge had a good nanny circle.

An0therName Tue 04-Oct-11 11:15:22

cambridge big biking city so maybe get bikes sorted for everyone -
2nd netmums
where are you - Lammas Land is great just out of town -and the university museums are free and worth a visit
and I don't want to stress you but reception year in the uk is a really nice time and it would properbly be a shame for your DS to miss it - the LA should give you a place with in 2 weeks from when you apply

InHerCupsAgain Tue 04-Oct-11 21:01:53

Thanks, very helpful. Will fill out the reception forms tonight :-)

An0therName Wed 05-Oct-11 08:36:41

just to say cambridge schools -especially in the city centre are very full so have you checked with the LA about places - you have to ask specifically does x have places and if not what is the waiting list - I would ask for quite a few

Laquitar Wed 05-Oct-11 11:13:42

I would encourage her to meet other local nannies. You can even place ads here or in other forums yourself for local mums with nannies.

Stars22 Wed 05-Oct-11 12:13:52

I'm a nanny, because your nanny is new to the area I think it would be nice if you told her where different groups are etc and where the places to go with children are. However I would hate it to have a boss that told me where to go each day. I would let her get on with it but make sure she knows how long you'd like little one to sleep etc, might be a good idea to get a little diary/notebook where she can write in each day a small bit on where they've been. I have one at work i just write what my charges have eaten each day, where we've been and then just any extra notes like any phonecalls or medicine given etc.

Claudia- Im shocked by your reply. You arranged for your nanny to take the children on playdates with your friends kids so they could keep an eye on her. As a nanny I would not appreciate mb arranging for me to meet up with certain people.
Also why suggest what the children could do at home, where to go? A good nanny will know things to do etc. A nanny will not like a controlling boss.
Also i dont think you need to suggest what the nanny cooks for the children each day, obviously your views on foods etc the nanny needs to know but a nanny doesnt need to be told what to cook for each meal!

fraktious Wed 05-Oct-11 15:56:54

Except that the OP said one of the referees mentioned how this particular nanny needed lots of instruction.

What you've got sounds good, OP, especially if the nanny is new to the area.

An0therName Wed 05-Oct-11 18:58:53

info on schools places

InHerCupsAgain Wed 05-Oct-11 19:06:45

Stars22 and fraktious thank you.
As you said fractious one of the referees mentioned that the nanny is somewhat lacking is self confidence and needs a little instruction. I am conscious of the fact that we are both new to the area and want to help her out in coming up with things to do more than anything.
She is quite young and as far as I am aware she has been in aupair/aupair plus roles to date and in her most recent job, I get the impression from both her and the agency,that her lack of confidence was taken advantage of by the two families ( 5 children!) that she worked with.

Stars22 I don't plan on telling her what to do at all! Firstly I am not used to having a live-in so it's a new experience for me. Also, I want her to get the most out of the job and want her to have as much support as possible from me... that's why I've been looking for suggestions. Seriously, I'm pretty easy going and would hate to be percieved as controlling. Just looking for some guidance, that's all. I just don't want her feeling lost in a new city with new charges and no idea where/when/what is available. I just thought a loose timetable of activities might be helpful in the first weeks while we all get into a

Akandra Wed 05-Oct-11 19:13:48

My local Sure Start does a session for nanny's/childminders each week. I would suggest looking for one near you, as then she will be able to connect with a lot of other people in her position. This should help her settle and find out about local activities.

claudia88 Wed 05-Oct-11 20:48:13

Well stars22 - we had several nannies, they all got on well with me and my friends and we are still friends now that the children are older so I can't have been that shocking.

I worked part time so knew a lot about what was going on locally and what was fun to do and all our nannies told me that I sent them to places that they wouldn't have thought of going to and really enjoyed.

As OP says new nanny is new to the area I assume she would like to spend some time with some friendly people who are happy to help. Plus as a parent it is nice to know from people you trust that you have made a good choice of nanny. As far as food is concerned - I worked part time, did all the shopping and so knew what food was available. I would have been a bit fed up if nanny had given mine and DH dinner to the kids for lunch! We had one nanny who was a great cook and she used to suggest things for me to get so she could cook them.

Anyway OP I don't think you need to worry about being too controlling. They are your kids and you need to feel comfortable with what they are doing each day. Setting a daily routine/ timetable needs to be a discussion between you and the nanny. If she has lots of great ideas then great but if she is a bit stumped then she'll probably be pleased to have some input from you. As she is live in I guess you'll have plenty of time to get to know her and work out between the two of you what works for her and the kids.

Agree with the suggestions about Sure Start plus nanny childminder groups plus setting a budget for activities. We used to have a "nanny" purse which I topped up as needed.

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