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Looking for childminder in Blackheath, SE London

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Septembermum Thu 29-Sep-11 14:10:52

Hello Everyone,

I know you're not supposed to post 'ads' on here and I do apologize for doing so and hope I don't get into any trouble.
I am just a little desperate after learning this morning that the childcare arrangements we had for our little 1 year old daughter are changing and will therefore not be sustainable for us. This news comes as I'm going back to work on Monday after a year's mat leave so timing is really bad. I therefore wanted to ask very kindly if anyone can recommend a good childminder or nanny-share in the Blackheath area.
Many thanks and apologies again for posting this 'ad'

ThatScrotumCat Sun 02-Oct-11 00:16:04

What days do you need & how many hours? I`m not available but could might be able to recommend others in Blackheath.

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