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Why am I so nervous about this registration visit?

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BlueberryPancake Tue 27-Sep-11 12:16:34

I have had job interviews at high levels and high pressure jobs, but I have never felt so nervous about a 'job'. Is it because they are judging my house? I keep on thinking that I've forgotten something. How can I reassure myself? Is there a checklist of things I have to do/the ofsted inspector will ask/check so that I can reassure myself? I have spoken to some childminders who found the inspection very straight forward, others really struggled... I don't know! please help/reassure me (so that I can get a good night sleep tonight!)

mamamaisie Tue 27-Sep-11 13:17:42

My inspector was super friendlysmile
As long as you have filled in the 'preparing for your visit' booklet and thought about how you are going to make your house safe I don't think you really need anything else at this stage. My inspector just looked around the house and asked about some basic things like safety film, window restrictors and stair gates. I didn't have everything in place at the time and she was fine with this. Then she read through my answers in the booklet. She didn't really ask me many questions other than a few about my previous work history. The whole visit was only about 1.5 hours. Just try to relax! I'm sure it will be finesmile

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