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Childcare options whilst taking a course away from home?

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Loobyloo1902 Mon 26-Sep-11 17:46:23

There's a course that I'd like to do next year when my DD will be 11 months old. It would help me get back into work so I'm rather keen. It's 200 miles from home and will be for four days including a weekend. I've not explored childcare before so could anyone suggest any options to explore? I'm a single mum so I can't hand baby over to a partner and I'm loathe to be parted from her from four days to leave her with grandparents.

It would be 10am to 4pm in Brighton (should that help!).

Can anyone suggest avenues to explore? Childminders? Nannies?


catsareevil Mon 26-Sep-11 17:53:47

Would there be a problem with using the grandparents? It least they would know her.
Are you thinking of trying yo find childcare where you live or in Brighton?

minderjinx Mon 26-Sep-11 19:24:00

I took my baby on a residential training course (many years ago - he's now 11!). I put him in a creche during the day and collected him and brought him back to the hotel each evening to eat and sleep with me. It was fine, but then he was a very chilled baby and loved adult company. I think otherwise I might not have trusted him to settle at the creche or at the hotel and have been too worried about it to concentrate on the course. So, I think it depends on your baby...and it's also more a question of where you think she would be happiest. If she would honestly be better with grandparents, I think you have to put your own feelings aside.

nannynick Mon 26-Sep-11 20:22:30

Finding childcare for the weekend I feel is what makes this most tricky. Would your mum like a trip to Brighton? Maybe care by grandparent during the hours of your course and care by you during the other hours could work.

An0therName Tue 27-Sep-11 10:39:03

take the grandparents - and look for self catering accomadation

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