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Just a little gripe

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sandym3g Sun 25-Sep-11 22:38:14

It's fustraiting as a childminder to see that on the "mums wanting childcare" thread is mainly used by childminders and Nannys etc using it to advertise their businesses.

Please can you stop it as it gets mine and others hopes up that maybe just maybe there is a mum who needs childcare from our areas (I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels this way)

What is the point of having this post if itsn't used the way that it is supposed to.

Sorry rant over. Just had to say it.

HSMM Mon 26-Sep-11 07:33:20

I think the idea is that the thread can also get up parents hopes that there is childcare available in their area.

Gigondas Mon 26-Sep-11 18:48:07

It works the other way too as I have been put off posting when needed childcare as it was awash with ads so thought pointless adding my request in

looneytune Tue 27-Sep-11 13:16:40

I've bumped up the one for advertising, hopefully that will stop people using the thread where parents are searching. I wonder if MNHQ are able to amend titles of threads? If so, might be worth something in brackets about using the correct one?

HSMM Tue 27-Sep-11 15:59:07

Well done looney. I forgot there were 2 different ones smile

looneytune Tue 27-Sep-11 16:40:03

No probs. I knew as I started it all that time ago! wink

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