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Is Outstanding really possible on your first inspection?

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Rudgey Tue 20-Sep-11 21:37:45

can anyone tell me if they have had a grading from Ofsted of Outstanding on the first inspection?

NickNacks Tue 20-Sep-11 21:59:44

Not personally but I do know of some CM's who did achieve Outstanding so yes it is possible.

minderjinx Tue 20-Sep-11 22:08:18

Yes but I love my babies too, so don't listen to any of those who say that getting an outstanding is all about being obsessive about documentation and not about caring about your children. I get really fed up of hearing that if OFSTED think yuo're outstanding you must be rubbish!

BoysAreLikeDogs Wed 21-Sep-11 00:17:34

I have heard of it, so it's not impossible

yy MJ; my paperwork is impeccable (many many thanks to all you darling Cms and practitioners who advised me over the years on here) and I adore the children, know them inside out

ChildrenAtHeart Wed 21-Sep-11 08:31:49

It is possible as I know of CM's who've done it but it isn't common. And I agree with Jinx & BALD - I got OS last week for the 2nd time and on both occasions the inspector made clear that whilst high quality, up to date paperwork was necessary what swung it was the way the children were in the setting (relaxed, happy, engaged, independent) & the way I responded to them (naturally, with warmth & affection, with enthusiasm & respect). And for those who've been told you can't get OS unless you've done your SEF, not true, because I hadn't done mine.

HSMM Wed 21-Sep-11 09:49:15

It is possible, but some inspectors hate giving outstanding first time. Good paperwork is a start. Good care for the children is the most important thing to me, but seems to come after paperwork for Ofsted!

Ilovebagsandbruuuce Wed 21-Sep-11 20:33:39

It is possible - i did it in April this year after registering end of 2010 - they even came earlier than i was expecting! The inspector told me to keep it quiet until i got the report in the post as her decision had to be quality checked. Was chuffed obviously but feel like i deserved it as i do try to go over and above with the care of the children and the paperwork also. They were hot on safeguarding, comms to name a couple of things.

ElizabethDarcy Wed 21-Sep-11 21:27:00

I got Outstanding in all areas at my first inspection (am due my second inspection soon) - she looked at everything... yes the paperwork was checked, but the children's care was top of her list.

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