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Is it too early to ask a childminder if she has availability for Aug 2012?

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casperella Sat 17-Sep-11 22:00:20

In my own mind this seems far too early, but...

My DCs are currently in nursery, and the oldest will start school Aug 2012. We also have DC3 on the way. Ideally I would like to get DC2 into the school nursery, same school as DC1, hence would need a CM for drop offs and pick ups, and also to look after DC3.

Never having used a CM before, I don't know the protocol so appreciate some advice - was thinking they will be aware of "slots" becoming free as children move on through school etc?

Is it feasible to ask around now, or leave til later?

NickNacks Sat 17-Sep-11 22:08:06

You can register an interest with some of them but until you have confirmation of which school they will be in (early 2012) then you won't be able to sign up with any of them. Many CMs can only collect from one possibe 2 schools and will want to take a deposit. Having said that, you do need 3 spaces (hard to find) so as soon as you do know your exact needs i would get straight on it.

Worth checking with your council for newly reg'd CM's (or about to be reg'd ) as they will be more likely to have 3 under 8 spaces free.

Good luck!

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