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mother's help

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fber Fri 16-Sep-11 22:21:59

I'm considering having my friend's daughter to come and live with us in the week, Monday to Friday so that she can help out with my two kids (2&3) and also exercise our ponies during the day and do general stuff in that department.

I work only about 10 hours and the childcare would be really random. Sometimes I'd be able to pick the kids up from playgroup and preschool, sometimes not, sometimes she might have to do bath and bedtime, sometimes not. Sometimes she can go and ride the horses, sometimes it'll be peeing down and we'll not bother. It would be very ad hoc. She'll be on and off from about 8 til 7. Mostly with me but the odd hour not with me. Also school pick ups will be walking round the corner a couple of times a day.

I'll not be expecting her to do anything around the house other than tidy up after herself, and I'll be preparing meals for the kids even if she has to supervise their meals from time to time (not often I'm expecting)

She'll be going home on Friday afternoon and coming back monday late morning. I really have no idea how many hands on hours this equates to so I need your opinions on pay. She's straight out of school and 16.

I'm thinking £40 pocket money, nice room (we'll get her a telly and make it cosy etc) all food and drink, and all her washing done and her room cleaned etc. We live in the north west.

What do you think of this package? I worry about being unclear about her times to help me but I'm reluctant to get logging hours - (seems to go against the spirit of it somehow?) I like to think I'm of a non exploiting disposition but have no idea if this is 'ok'.

She's one of my eldest daughters' best friends and so my daughter is very keen on the idea. THe little ones really like her too so I'm really hoping this is a good idea for all of us. It would be short term as she goes off to college in the New year.

Your thoughts, please!

catepilarr Fri 16-Sep-11 22:42:37

i think you need to work out how many hours you need her to work, or be available to work and take it from there.
typically a foreign aupair, who might be as young as 17 (rarely) or 18, in a similar position, would get 60-70 pounds a week for about 25-30 hours of works, plus a room and all meals all week.

fber Sat 17-Sep-11 21:25:36

well it would be about 20 hours I think.

nannynick Sat 17-Sep-11 23:36:05

How much does she want to be given as 'pocket money' ? It's probably worth asking her, though she may not have any idea either as does not know how much work she would actually be doing.

>She'll be on and off from about 8 til 7.
So those days will include some time when she isn't working but also isn't really free to leave and go out and do something, as you may need her to do some hours later in the day.
It could be tricky to work out but it may work out fine for each of you. I suppose you are going to need to hope that neither side overly takes advantage, so she does the things you need doing and you let her have the time to do things she wants to do.

As long as she has no other income, then agree any figure you like up to the Lower Earnings Limit for NICs (currently £102 per week).

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