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thinking of working in a nursery

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timeforeachange Thu 15-Sep-11 19:08:45

Hi all

I am a childminder and have been registered for 18 months, I have had a couple of children, all of whom have been temporary. Now I have been without children since March 2011. I feel like all my hard work I put into childminding has been wasted sad

I want to continue working with children, so the only other think is to get more qualifications and work in a nursery. How do I go about getting the qualifications? I haven't got much money so are there any funded courses. I am in West London.

Thanks in advance

thebody Thu 15-Sep-11 19:35:53

soz as you probably have done all this but what about a final publicity campaign, posters at local schools, on here,, doctors surgerys etc.

you are in London so there must be a need for cms. i am in worcestershire and get calls on average one a week but am full.

is it quiet in your area then..

ohnoshedittant Thu 15-Sep-11 19:40:50

Have you thought about being a nanny? You'll earn more, have more control over your day (what you do/where you go) and may be able to go into it initially without any extra qualifications. Parents will often consider nannies with experience in place of qualifications.

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