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Thinking about a nanny share...

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waytoomuchchocolate Fri 09-Sep-11 13:48:56


My sister and I live very close to each other and both have 11 month olds. We're thinking about a nanny share as she needs 4 days a week and I need 3 days - the days would cross over to make full time for a nanny.

Can anyone recommend anything online that has a good guide about how to manage the employer side of things and what to be aware of? I know we'd have to pay employers NI but that's about the extent of my knowledge.

Any guidance and advice gratefully received!

Thank you!

nannynick Fri 09-Sep-11 21:02:34

This site is probably the best place. There is loads of information in the archive about employing a nanny.

Probably best to ask specific questions on here, such as about a particular aspect you are not understanding or have a query about.

This message thread mentions a lot of the 'hidden' costs to consider.

I don't overly advise on nannyshares as I've not done one myself. I would however say that you should have a written agreement between yourself and your sister, so you are both aware of what you have agreed and also include provision for how to end the agreement, such as how much notice you would provide to each other.

If I get what you are saying right, there is an element of care where it isn't shared. Therefore I think it can be done as two separate contracts with the nanny (saves a little on NI, see here).

waytoomuchchocolate Mon 12-Sep-11 09:20:47

That's great, thank you so much. You're right, a couple of days a week it would be sole care for one of us, so thanks for the tip about separate contracts too. Thank you!

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