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buggy board with mclaren twin pushchair?

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Ilovebagsandbruuuce Thu 08-Sep-11 20:20:12

I wonder if anyone knows the answer to my little panic situation?!

I'm a cm and on a Friday, I now have 3 littles who really, could do with being in a triple pushchair. As I don't think i'll be able to to get a sturdy enough triple (the o'baby reviews are awful) my only option might be a buggy board.

The little ones are 18m, 12m and 22m old. I just need something to enable me to do the school run (i.e. park up outside of school, cross a road and walk across playground and back). I think a buggy board for the 22m may work but i have never used one before. I have a little life backpack style reins which i hook over the pushchair handle for slightly older toddlers if they are capable of following "hold on to the pushchair" type instructions but the 22m is a bit too young still i feel.

Its only for a few months really to see me through. Does anyone know if buggy boards fit the twin pushchairs and if anyone has used for a 22m old?


ChitChattingaway Thu 08-Sep-11 20:40:05

Don't know if it will fit, but could you borrow someone's and see if it works? My DS1 went on his from 2 1/2 and was fine - in fact loved it. My DS2 - 2 years - has gone on there while push chair only has a bag and seems ok. Not walking quickly however.

hayleysd Thu 08-Sep-11 21:13:22

Go on the lascal website it'll tell you which if any of their boards fit, I had a maxi for my silver cross single and a mini for my koochi double. Depends on the child, I used to put a 12 month old on mine but he was solid, I wouldn't put my 20 month old on it now he'd be a nightmare!

leeloo1 Fri 09-Sep-11 10:11:11

According to their 'fit finder' the maxi board is 'easy to fit' to the Twin Triumph. smile

CrazyBabies Sat 10-Sep-11 18:50:30

Hi there, I use a buggy board (scally wags), with a twin rally maclaren and its fine. I too am doing this one day a week with 3 little ones. The one on the board is 2.5, but little as very prem.
I am thinking about using a back pack, so currently looking on ebay . It can be rather slow, and after the school run I walk 10 min to toddlers and it can be a slog! esp in wet weather!!!!!!

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