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childminders- pre reg visit on tuesday-please reply!

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DraculasMum Thu 08-Sep-11 13:23:27

Iv had the call today for my visit, the inspector is coming on tuesday!

Can anyone tell me what's going to happen? What should I have in place for her to see etc?

Lola10 Thu 08-Sep-11 14:02:27

I just had a visit last Tuesday. I have to say it was the most nerve-racking experience I have had for may years.

It took me around 2,5h in total.

Funny thing I don't remember many questions but (probably stress) I had lots of questions regarding 6 areas of the development, with examples how I am going to do it - this was very long and detailed.

At the end she walked around my house, and checked if did everything is in place like I wrote in my risk assessments.

You should have all the policies ready, risk assessments, fire evacuation plan, food menu (even if you don't want to serve any food), first aid certificate (if you don't have one- letter saying that you are booked for the course with the date saying when exactly).

Good luck.

DraculasMum Thu 08-Sep-11 15:22:20

Wow that's a long visit!

Are you registered now?

Iv booked the early years team to come in the pm so they can sort my insurance out straight away!

Food menu? Not heard of this one what should I do? Just meals?

DraculasMum Thu 08-Sep-11 15:22:22

Wow that's a long visit!

Are you registered now?

Iv booked the early years team to come in the pm so they can sort my insurance out straight away!

Food menu? Not heard of this one what should I do? Just meals?

Lola10 Fri 09-Sep-11 13:26:17

Yes, it was very loooooong for me, but she said it was average, not the best but not the worst one.

About food menu, my coordinator asked me to prepare something, just in case I will be asked about the food I am planning to serve and what times. At the visit was less detailed but she asked me about times.

Yes I was registered, just need to finish missing paperwork on some stuff, which I didn't even considered that are even existing when you are a childminder.

DraculasMum Sat 10-Sep-11 20:00:12

I would be interested to know what paper work your missing? Just so I can check! When is your early years team coming out to you?

I'm so nervous! Iv been doing cleaning every where today! Even cleaned my oven and all the cupboards out just in case!

Have you done a food preparation course? I'm doing one in october as I want to be able to serve food if a parent asks

I'm just finishing off my notes of the practice guidance and then going to fill in the guide to your registration form!

There's so much preparation!

dizzyg Sat 10-Sep-11 21:13:46

hey, had my pre reg about a month ago, best advice I can give is make sure you fill out the questions in the booklet that you get with the forms from ofsted, my inspector stayed for 3 hours asked me ALL the questions in this booklet!! but you can refer to it if you need, that is allowed, she wanted to see my risk assesments but wasnt to worried about other paper work, even though I had them ready, and def not insurance, dont worry it is really fine and not as scary as you think, a good web site to check out for great advice is childminding forum they have loads of people on there regarding pre reg visits, she then looked around my house and that was that. job done . good luck you will be fine smile

surfandturf Sun 11-Sep-11 10:00:16

Sorry - don't want to scare you - my visit took 4 hours and even then she said there was some more things she wanted to go through so we had a 30 minute phone call after that!!!! shock

Just as the others have said - make sure you have gone through all the questions in the preparing for your registration visit booklet. She also focussed very heavily on the six areas of learning and how I would implement this including examples of actvities I would do with the children for different areas of learning.

She also wanted to check my ID so I needed utility bills, driving license or passport, and car details - valid MOT and Insurance if you will be driving the children around at all.

Good luck!

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