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What do live in nannies earn?

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Bellybee Wed 07-Sep-11 22:47:14

Hi there. My au pair (who has been earning £85 per week for 20 hours work) will now be doing an additional 14 hours per week nanny work. We live in North London. What is a fair wage to pay her?

nannynick Thu 08-Sep-11 06:28:12

Are they changing from being an au-pair to being a live-in nanny, or are you adding on 14 hours of sole charge care to the current time they do as shared care/housekeeping?

Live-in nannies salary will vary, I suppose if could be in the range of 150-400 a week.

Currently you pay below the Lower Earnings Limit so are not doing PAYE. You will be paying above LEL so your costs will increase beyond just the salary, plus they will be taxed on the income.

nannynick Thu 08-Sep-11 06:53:32

What experience and qualifications/training courses do they have?

What is their new job description - how are their duties changing.

How much can you afford? The cost to employer could well tripple from what it is now. Maybe start by calculating what the max cost to you is affordable, as if the nannies pay is too high you won't be in a position to employ them.

pinkpeony Thu 08-Sep-11 14:11:19

In London, a live-in nanny would typically earn £300-£400 net per week for 60 hours work and 2 nights babysitting included, so a lot more hours than your au pair would be working. I suppose it would depend on what you agree with your au pair. As an au pair, she would be on the more junior end of the pay scale so hourly rate would be £5, so you could offer her £170ish net per week based on 34 hours? At that level, you will have to pay her tax and NI.

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