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starting a nannyshare... help needed!

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pickcherries Wed 31-Aug-11 20:31:04

hello all,
I need a bit of advice, I'm starting a nannyshare looking after two babies of under a year, my gross salary for full time is going to be 25,000 a year, do you think this is reasonable? it is in london, I cant help thinking it should be a little bit more? both sets of parents are lovely and i don't want to cause any tension! il be working 9/10 hours approx a day! I am a younger nanny ( 2years in a day nursery and started nannaying 6m months ago!) and no i have to work my way up etc, opinions please!!!


nannynick Wed 31-Aug-11 20:41:56

Doesn't really matter that much if I think the salary is reasonable or not. It would be very hard for me to know if it was reasonable given I don't know much about you. You don't have much experience of being a nanny, so you can't really command the highest wages. Two children is also not that many... it's less than one family on their own might have.

I would have expected it to be higher in London but currently there are lots of nannies around and not enough jobs for them all. So it's an employers market and if they have got you to agree to do the job for £25k then that's good for them. Last thing you want is for them to overstretch themselves and to then decide a few months down the line that they cannot afford a nanny. Sounds like it's too late to be negotiating pay at this stage - have you verbally agreed to do the job? Have you signed a contract?

badgerbrisket Wed 31-Aug-11 20:47:14

I think this sounds very reasonable, just give it all you've got for the first year then they'll realise how indispensable you are and should really review your salary annually, if not then you will have more experience to go to a better paid job.

pickcherries Wed 31-Aug-11 21:02:27

thanks for your opinions, i do think its reasonable but im on 9 gross net an hour with one of them now and start with both in the next couple of weeks! no contract has been signed yet for the sign just all verbal both printing it this week! one did say we will review in a few months!

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