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Can you recommend any good websites for cms?

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MUM2BLESS Tue 30-Aug-11 21:38:35

Hi just signed up for TochanLearn. Anyone use them before? Seems good. They are asking for names and ages of kids. Am I allowed to give out these details? I am a cm.


HSMM Wed 31-Aug-11 08:08:19

I wouldn't give them names and ages. Quite apart from the confidentiality issue, they could change by next month anyway. If you have to put something, just enter something child Child A, Age 1, Child B Age 2, or whatever, so you just have your normal age children on there.

MUM2BLESS Wed 31-Aug-11 19:34:58

HSMM thanks for that.

squinker45 Wed 31-Aug-11 19:38:06

They want the age so they can email you with updates as they get older. It's quite good, some handy tips but probably best not to put real names.

MUM2BLESS Fri 02-Sep-11 15:44:10

Thanks for that squiker45

missymoo2411 Sun 04-Sep-11 14:42:10

d.t.l.k ,sparkle box,little tresures,childminding forum,try these x

mankymink Tue 06-Sep-11 11:39:24 is the only one I've used. Got lots of replies.

Scarletlips Tue 06-Sep-11 15:09:02

Is it specifically a chilminder that you are looking for. I have the name of a good au pair website but this might not be any use to you if you're only considering a childminder.

MUM2BLESS Thu 08-Sep-11 14:13:45

Hi thanks all. Its more for information and activities rather than advertising.

For example eyfs ideaa, arts and craft and other useful info and also multicutural ideas.


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