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Becoming a Nanny

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Haily111 Tue 30-Aug-11 18:31:14


To cut a long story short, I have (finally) found a lovely lady who will look after my DD and who is willing to work 3 hours a day, 5 days a week, term time only.

I have been unable to find a childminder in my area and therefore this is one of my last options (and I am running drastically out of time)

My issue is:

She is currently not registered and therefore would need to become registered in order to look after my dd. This is due to me not being able to afford her unless I can claim via WTC (or CTC).

She has always worked in a school setting and has an up to date first aid qualification and CRB check.

As I understand it she would need to get a new CRB check to become registered via Ofsted, is this correct?

She seems happy with 5 pound per hour, am I right in assuming that as she will be under the threshold, I wouldn't need to pay NI and Tax, or have I got it all wrong?

How long does registration take and how much does it cost?

Sorry about all the questions and I am not dim, just never had to deal with this.

I hope I have remember everything, if not please just tell me grin)

Gastonladybird Tue 30-Aug-11 18:56:13

Isn't that below minimum wage which is 5.93 per hour for those over 21. Also i cant remember off top of my head what rules are on tax but I think may have reporting obligation if not to pay.

I would check out of sted site on registration

Haily111 Tue 30-Aug-11 18:58:12

Hmm yes good point, I will check that (see I said I don;t have a clue!!!)


Gastonladybird Tue 30-Aug-11 18:58:27

Registration takes about 2-3 months and think involves more than just crb check (first aid training comes to
Mind and need some relevant qualificiation or experience). Costs of registration (about £100) first aid course (£50 up depending on what needed) need to be added in.

pecanpie Tue 30-Aug-11 18:58:45

Do you need OFSTED registration to use WTC as with childcare vouchers? If so, the process from filling out the initial form online can take around 3 months, including an enhanced CRB check. She will need to provide a first aid certificate and I think have minimum level 2 NVQ in childcare or equivalent. You will be registering for the voluntary part of the childcare register.

I don't know about tax etc - sorry - but would imagine you'd have to process a proper payroll in order to use the childcare vouchers.

Gastonladybird Tue 30-Aug-11 18:59:28

That said our nanny reg was back in 3 weeks so may take less-check out hmrc and of sted as It was quite clear on there

bubaluchy Tue 30-Aug-11 19:23:26

£5 what!?!- that is tight.

Oligo Tue 30-Aug-11 19:30:22

whether you deduct tax depends on whether nanny has other jobs i.e. her level of earnings including what you pay her

Haily111 Tue 30-Aug-11 19:32:56

Is it tight though? To be fair I will not be earning a load more than that and I also work with children? (Albeit it will be minimum wage now though, so 5.93)

Thank you for the messages though, looks like I need to do a hell of a lot more research!


Haily111 Tue 30-Aug-11 19:35:23

Oligo, if she did get her registration etc and the pay would be 5.93, her weekly wage would be 88.95. She doesn't work anywhere else, but she is retired, would this make a difference?

Also what would I pay on top of her weekly wage (tax, NI, petrol etc?)


bubaluchy Tue 30-Aug-11 19:36:14

yes it is, I earn £12 per hour and my other nanny friends earn £15-16.50 per hour, but if she's agreed to it fine good on you, it's just that if you're expecting her to go through the ofsted registration (which is quite a big faff) and hold on to her then you might want to be a bit more generous.

Haily111 Tue 30-Aug-11 19:43:09

I do agree with you bubaluchy, but this is her first nannying job, she has previously worked in a school, so therefore I thought you would start at the bottom of the pay scale, so to speak. The more experience she would get the more money she would then earn.


bubaluchy Tue 30-Aug-11 19:50:11

yes but £5 is below the bottom, actually illegal to pay under min wage..just saying.

Haily111 Tue 30-Aug-11 19:54:08

Yes I know, I failed to check NMW, hence why I agreed with Gastonladybird!

nannynick Tue 30-Aug-11 20:53:30

Pension - that I believe is consider as income for tax purposes. You will need to look that up, find out what the situation is, but I think the pension comes off the personal tax allowance, so reducing the amount that can be earned taxfree.
I'm not currently able to research it, so I'm only guessing at the moment due to my having had an issue with having a pension and a job at the same time.

fraktious Tue 30-Aug-11 21:03:00

Do you mean £5 net? Or gross, which comprises tax and NI? NMW is a gross figure.

You would also need to factor in mileage (tax free up to 45p/mile) and probably a small kitty for incidental expenses.

OFTSED registration may be too many hoops for her to want to jump through:
approved paeds first aid (any 12 hour course is fine, some 6 hour ones are too)
Nanny insurance

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