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Ofsted Voluntary Register-Renewal

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Essie11 Sun 28-Aug-11 01:06:33

I'm a registered nanny and pay the wopping £103 every year to 'remain a professional'.
Do I automatically get a new CRB performed or must i organise this separetly?

Ive never received a new CRB and ive been with Ofsted since it started however to be registered, you must have a current CRB. Are they using my £103 to do a new CRB and 'saving paper' by just keep their own record or am i supposed to be doing the CRB and they are continuing my registaration without it?

Thanks all

NickNacks Sun 28-Aug-11 07:59:05

CRB's aren't renewed even if you ask them. They just perform the initial check when you are registered and that is it. It is kept 'updated' by the fact that the police and/or social services will be touch with them should you have any dealings with either of them.

And £103 is nasty! smile

Essie11 Sun 28-Aug-11 09:07:42

Thank you so much,
I spent 4hours on Ofsted website last night and didn't find my answer.
The power of community. Thanks

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