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Three Carseats DO fit in the rear of my car... just!

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nannynick Sat 27-Aug-11 15:36:34

Had some fun today on the spare of the moment decision to get another carseat. Had two already in rear (both are multi group 123 seats), needed to fit a Group 1 in the middle.

Tried two seats (group 123) which both did fit, just... but I felt access to seat belts was too tight and would involve undoing the middle belt often. So looked at a Group 1 seat which could be fixed via the seatbelt but once in that belt would not be touched. Mamas & Papas seat fitted and sticks out quite a bit which I thought might be good at stopping the older children from pinching each other!

Picture: Three car seats in rear of Daihatsu Sirion

Now I just hope that once children are in the seats that they are still ok to access with regard to taking seatbelts on and off.

One day car seat manufacturers will come up with safe designs that are also thin... cars are getting smaller, especially the city electric type cars, so there must surely be a need for smaller car seats.

Have you had fun trying to get 3 car seats in the rear of your car?

Shoshe Sat 27-Aug-11 15:48:49

Yep, I've got two of these and one of these in the back of my Mondeo grin it took some doing !

dmo Sun 28-Aug-11 16:14:04

haha nick i did the same last week could get 4 children into my car and a double buggy x

HSMM Sun 28-Aug-11 17:01:33

I caved in and got a multimac. I have to say, that although it was an extortionate price, it is a great car seat. I now have 4 children in 5 point harnesses across one bench seat.

Nicadooby Mon 29-Aug-11 07:12:27

I have 3 in the back of mine too, all stage 1.

I have a extended rear facing britax two way Eilet, a britrax trio and a maxi cosi pirori xp all in my Renault senic megan.

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