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im feeleing very down and dont know what to do

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mojenko Thu 25-Aug-11 15:29:00

Hello i just need to get everything out of my chest...........I love beeing a nanny but is so difficult at the moment.My relationship with my partner got riuned cos of that and feel like I cant handle anymore.

kelly2000 Thu 25-Aug-11 17:11:10

Why is is difficult? Do you have local freinds to talk to?

mojenko Fri 26-Aug-11 09:17:09

i do but they dont understand it.......relationship with my boss is very hard.....

kelly2000 Fri 26-Aug-11 11:45:36

What does she or he do? Have you tried looking for another job. Is there a nanny or aupair meet up group near you?

bubaluchy Fri 26-Aug-11 12:37:07

Having had a strained relationship with my previous boss I can tell you that it may be time to move on, what's the problem between you, did it begin with any particular event?

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