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Nannyshare with new baby coming...

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northernsecondtimemummy Thu 25-Aug-11 11:45:52

I currently have a 1yo boy who is looked after by our nanny while I'm at work 4 days a week. Our nanny brings her 1yo boy with her so subsequently we only pay the same as a nannyshare (£6ph net). I am in the early days of my 2nd pregnancy with the baby due in March 2012, I plan to take 6 months maternity leave and go back to work September 2012.

Now I realise this is a long way off and I am probably worrying about it all too early but I would really like to hear what people's views are regarding childcare and what others have done in similar circumstances.

My ideal situation would be that she would keep coming to our house, and look after both boys who will be 2 by then and the 6 month old baby. Is this reasonable to expect? Would she expect a pay-rise? If so by how much. Another option is that we put my (then) 2yo boy into nursery a couple of mornings/afternoons a week to give her a break, but we are trying to keep costs as low as possible.

She has been a nanny for 15 years and has experience of looking after families with multiple children and has done lots of nannyshares before too.

Any help would be much appreciated!!

nannyl Thu 25-Aug-11 12:29:09

I cant see her having a problem with 2 2 year olds and a baby...

issues may be triple pushchair? or maybe a double with a buggy board.. depends how much the 2 year olds "need" a pushchair.... while they could take turns sometimes have a buggy to strap a tantrumy toddler into is essential.
Perhaps a sling + grinning and bearing until the 2 year olds grow up is a solution?

also will 3 car seats safely strap into the car she uses (if she uses a car)?

I would offer a payrise as unless you are living in the sticks £6 is quite low for someone with so much experiance, although having a job where you can happily take your children can be worth its weight in gold too.

what do you plan to do during ML?
I think you need to sit down and talk to her about it, making it clear you would like the arrangement to work, but asking how she feels about it.

Putting your son into nursery for a few sessionsis a generous offer but dont feel obliged to do it.... who knows she may choose to send her child there too?

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