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sick childminder do we pay

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Filibear Wed 17-Aug-11 15:18:14

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apotomak Wed 17-Aug-11 16:07:59

I would contact her back and ask if she's open. She shouldn't be if she's still ill. It does spread from person to person so making herself available for work is a bit of a cheek unless the doctor confirmed it's a becterial infection not a viral one in which case I'd ask to see a note.

mrsthomsontobe Wed 17-Aug-11 16:28:20

well there was a topic on her last week about children having it and that they are allowed to go to the childminders unless the childminder specificly states in her policy that she doesnt accept them but alot of childminders said they did if treatment had started so i would imagine it to work both was if the childminder has it also then she could stay open just make every1 aware.

Filibear Wed 17-Aug-11 17:15:48

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

Tanith Wed 17-Aug-11 17:47:01

You don't know that she expects to be paid, though.

I give parents the option because I know most would struggle to find a last minute alternative. If they choose to keep their kids off, I wouldn't charge.

I always thought tonsillitis was not contagious - I had it loads when I was a child.

HSMM Wed 17-Aug-11 19:21:55

I had a really rotten streaming cold once and I told parents that their children were welcome to come, but if they chose not to, they would not be charged. This is for the reason that Tanith gave about parents struggling to find alternative care at short notice.

Filibear's CM just seems to have missed out the bit about whether she will charge or not. If she has something catching and her policy/contract says no charge when she is off sick, then I don't think she can charge, even though she is making herself available.

looneytune Thu 18-Aug-11 11:23:25

The HPA guidelines state you do NOT need to keep people away. The only time I closed with it was when I was a risk due to being dizzy and really not well. As I'd closed, there was no charge. Had a child not come out of choice then I would have charged due to the guidelines. Standards colds are infectious but I don't close for those nor expect children to be kept away - otherwise there'd never be any childcare!!

I personally don't think she's being cheeky at all. I like to inform all parents if I'm ill but unless I was ill with something HPA say I should close for, I'm still open and parents pay regardless of whether or not they bring their child. 9/10 times the illnesses I get are caught from the children anyway.

Tanith Thu 18-Aug-11 11:38:47

I sometimes wonder if our policy of charging for child sickness and not for our own is encouraging some parents to send in sick children.
I agree with Looneytune that nearly every illness I or my kids have caught has been from mindees.

Maybe we should start doing it the other way round!

looneytune Thu 18-Aug-11 11:59:59

Tanith - this is why I work the way I do. Unfortunately it doesn't stop things like sick bugs and parents making out they didn't know or were fine (not often but this HAS happened) and then I've lost hundreds of £s thanks to having no choice but to close! I also found in the past (when was too soft and didn't charge) that some parents (mostly non working ones) would just say no to sending them in just to save some pennies and yet I'd be ill with the same another time and they'd send them in because they had an appointment or something (so clearly not really to do with not wanting them catching it!).

ChitChattingaway Thu 18-Aug-11 18:43:52

According to CM when her child had tonsillitis, the GP said she was contagious while she had the fever. Based on that I didn't send my DC to hers for the day (only 1 day a week then) and didn't pay CM. But also, when my DC had tonsillitis I also didn't send but did pay.

But when both lots of children had tonsillitis, the DC went and all of them had a nice 'sick' day being spoilt with lots of TV and and indoor play.

looneytune Thu 18-Aug-11 19:43:01

On that note, if OPs CM has a fever then if that was me, I wouldn't charge. That's because if there is a fever, I don't accept children so works both ways.

pointydog Thu 18-Aug-11 19:47:32

She's at it. If you don't send your son in due to her tonsillitis, you shouldn't pay her.

Mum2Luke Mon 29-Aug-11 21:48:32

I would not charge if I was ill as parents would have to find alternative childcare and pay for that. I only charge for when I am available so if I've a contagious disease I would let the parents know and see if one of my childminder friends could have the child for the time I was ill.

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