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training for childminding e-learning or council?

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littleyellowchicken Wed 17-Aug-11 11:51:06

I’m seriously thinking about becoming a childminder. But I’ve jut phoned our local council and there is no availability on the 7 week course until January. Annoying, as now is the time I am available to do it and would ideally like to be starting up for business in the new year. Can anyone give me any advice about the NCMA’s e-learning course CYPOP5 ? Particularly I would like to know if there is any disadvantage to doing it in terms of any help that you might later get from the Council. What sort of help might they not provide? Would you be able to find a paediatric first aid course easily? Thank you,

SmallBlue Thu 18-Aug-11 11:36:00

Sorry i dont know about the NCMA course. When i first started out, I couldn't wait either for my course to start with the LA. I signed up with NEC and did my assignments with the help of a tutor on email and telephone. Once I completed my coursework, I sat my exam very quickly and passed. It was so much easier for me as my son was a baby at the time and I could fit my coursework around him. Seems to be a very long waiting list in my borough and PFA courses are hard to get on too. I ended up doing mine through a local agency and paid twice the price. But I couldn't afford to hang about.

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