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Pay rise, maternity leave and looking after two children

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Ihatenicknames Wed 17-Aug-11 10:24:16

In September our nanny will have been with us for a year. She works two days a week and earns £10 net an hour. In November I will start maternity leave and will (hopefully) have our second son later that month. I would be grateful for your thoughts as to:

a) whether I need to give the nanny a pay rise in September and, if so, how much (I have not received a pay rise this year and think that £10 net is already a pretty generous salary but really don't want to lose her and want to be fair); and

b) should she be paid more for looking after two children when I return to work and, if so, how much.


nannynick Wed 17-Aug-11 10:59:52

a) You didn't get a pay rise so you haven't got anything to pass on. As you will be on maternity leave you may well be giving them some extra days off this holiday year, so those are like a bonus.

b) No. Nannies are paid per family, not per child.

c) yes you should be negotiating all pay as Gross, especially for a part-time job.

as nanny nick says!!

noviceoftheday Wed 17-Aug-11 21:30:31

I agree with Nick. My contract with my nanny specifically states that it covers all our current and future children but even if it didnt, the whole point of having a nanny is that it is per family, not per child.

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