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What toys do your mindees reaaly enjoy?

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CrazyBabies Tue 16-Aug-11 09:53:17

I have a big play roomwith lots of toys, but feel my mindees who are 1.5, two 2 year olds, reaaly don't engage. Or is it just this age group. I know that little ones do have a short attention span.
I also find they spend a fair bit of time fighting!!
I get out little activities and plan whatI think are good ideas, but am struggling a bit over the hols!
I also find one of the 2 years old a bit hitty! and always pushing, hitting with what ever is in hand.
What works well for you? Strugglling a bit as have my own children here too!

CrazyBabies Tue 16-Aug-11 09:53:58

Sorry about typing! Keyboard bit stiff!

HSMM Tue 16-Aug-11 14:05:46

My little ones love playing outside, getting muddy in the woods, feeding ducks, bug hunts. They also enjoy role play, dressing up, dolls, cars, puppet shows, stories, etc.

I quite often start them off with an activity and then use extension, or diversion techniques, to keep them busy.

It doesn't always work. Whacking each other with spades has been a favourite this month!

HSMM Tue 16-Aug-11 14:34:27

Should add ... my favourite distraction is a bucket of water, with assorted accessories (jugs, paint brushes, floating, sinking, whatever).

Danthe4th Tue 16-Aug-11 14:47:33

Definately outside whatever the weather, with water, sand, a builders tray full of shaving foam or anything.
Get out an assortment of toys, not too many but different things and see what they go for, and go from there, lots of sensory stuff in baskets. Lots of natural materials. Have you a toy library where you could get some different things.
I always used to go out in the morning, home for lunch and sleep then play in the late afternoon before pick up, then we were only home for a few hours and no chance to get bored and fight.
Perhaps go for a walk to pick up leaves, twigs etc and then stick onto a sheet of paper in the afternoon, maybe a bit old for them but you could make shakers from the twigs and leaves that they could then have a musical afternoon .

Flisspaps Tue 16-Aug-11 14:50:52

Musical instruments, books and the sand table (mine are 3, 15mo and DD is 17mo) - I buy two of a lot of things to try to avoid arguments over what they want to play with. I don't plan a huge amount with them in advance, I tend to watch what they're playing with and build on that (eg they read books, I get more books out) but as they're so little, it's generally free play.

The younger two won't play with each other as they're too young, but they'll play alongside each other.

Tanith Tue 16-Aug-11 17:32:23

This age: bags, shoes and balls. If you're looking after toddlers, I reckon the best investment you'll ever make is to pop down your local charity shop and stock up on those items - and scarves. They like pushalong carts and prams, too. My daughter slings Teddy on the ground and gently places stones or mud in her pram. She'll then take it for a good walk round the garden.

thebody Tue 16-Aug-11 18:37:34

take them out for walks.. i always think children like dogs and need lots and lots of fresh air and excersise...

my setting is very outdoors, we go out every day either walking or to the park or soft play if really awful weather...

imo if a child can walk then they should do so...(in reason of course)..

in the playroom they love my kitchen and play food best. also big bricks..

woahthere Tue 16-Aug-11 21:53:37

favourite with my kids at the moment...mud, sand, water, containers and spoons and a builders tray = hours of mud pie making, slopping things around, stirring etc!

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