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Probably a stupid question

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Gonzo33 Fri 12-Aug-11 14:38:48

but how far in advance should you start looking for an Au Pair.

Bit of background:

I am moving next year - hubby and I will have to live separately during the week, so we have decided to get an Au Pair when we do this. We will probably move over summer holidays (if all goes according to plan). When should I start looking?

G xx

candr Mon 15-Aug-11 17:44:24

Whenever I helped my friend choose a new au pair she started looking 3 onths in advance so she had time to check referances and meet them, she often had 3 or 4 shortlisted and it can take time, they also need notice as may have to give notice themselves and travel abroad. It should also alloow time for you and DH to meet her together so he feels he has a say in who cares for his children and you can both be more relaxed about your choice. My friend also sometimes had them come and have the kids by themseves for an afternoon (she stayed upstairs out of the way) to see how they got on if they lived close enough Good luck!

fraktious Mon 15-Aug-11 18:01:42

Delends how complex your requirements are, when you want then to start and whether you have an attractive package or not....

I would say June for an August/Septenber start including a trial weekend.

Treeesa Wed 17-Aug-11 17:18:22

It also depends if you will be doing your own recruitment or using an agency. If doing it yourself then allow yourself a lot of extra time at the beginning for getting your advert written, answering responses and short-listing before you start speaking with your eventual short list.

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