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Childminder needed

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bagger Fri 12-Aug-11 10:46:41

Does anyone know of a childminder in the Wivenhoe area on the Broomgrove School side as my 2 year old son's childminder is giving up in 2 weeks and I can't find a replacement. Really struggling. Any ideas anyone?

mumwat Fri 12-Aug-11 12:47:20

Hi, I am a newly qualified childminder in East Dulwich. I have been a primary school teacher for many years with early years as my specialist field. I have done this so that I can look after my grand-daughter as her parents have to go back to university. I am very interested in the development of babies and very young children. Could I have some advice from other child-minders, as I have been taken aback by the low regard the general public pay to this very important job. I have places for two other children, and I find it strange that because I am looking after them,and teaching them, in my own home, less regard is shown than when I taught 35 in a class-room!

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