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remeber the parents who gave me notice and

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Saltire Thu 11-Aug-11 13:45:08

wanted to use up their unused holiday allowance with me as notice period. Well, I worked out a pro rata payment (allowing for the fact that I'd only ahd a contract in place with them since 1st March) and worked out a bill. This bill included 3 days payment for days I'd had the child, plus pro rata for days which I wouldn't have the child due to it having beent kaen out of my setting.

I wrote it all in a letter to the aprents, and explained it all to them. They apid me for the 3 days I ahd the child but haven't paid me for any more. I was away for a week, and then, because I didn't ahve any mindees, stayed with my mum for a few more days. I called the parents they didn't answer, so i texted the mum and said "I've received part payment from you, but not the remainder due and no explanation as to why this is"
She texted back to say she'd come round and see me when i got back. I've been back a few days now and no response from her, she knows I am back. I was thinking to write to her agian and explain that she has until (insert date) to pay me or contact me, before I take legal advice.

*Would this be ok?*DH says that I should also inform them that I will now be adding a late payment fee onto every day they haven't paid me.

oh and also, although the mum came to see me to inform me that the child wouldn't be reutrning with immediate effect, I explained, as per the contract it needs to be put in wiritng, she still hasn't written to me informing of he rintention to give notice

alison222 Thu 11-Aug-11 19:18:52

Do you have insurance with NCMA and use their contracts? If so they have a legal advice line you can use.

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