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Is annual memebership of country park feasable (or at least in part) as a childminding expense?

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soberton Thu 11-Aug-11 13:16:48

Just wanted to ask your advise.

I am a registered childminder, I have two children of my own and look after two school aged minded children before & after school and most of the school holidays, inset days etc (eg I don't have them on bank holidays and two weeks of the summer hols - personal family holiday, but one of them is with me for three and a half weeks of this summer holiday (not today as his family on hols).

I have been looking at fun things to do for them over the holiday weeks and found there is a lovely country park a bus ride away (landscaped countryside, farm animals the children can pet and feed, watch demos, lots of hands-on activities, cafes, play areas etc as well as theme weeks Haloween during oct half term and then Santa xmas specials etc. I know a lot of schools take children there and it has a good reputation for cleanliness & safety etc, several council awards.

An annual pass for about £38 would allow 1 adult and 5 children unlimited entry over the year (including some complimentary guest passes). Given that entry for a single day visit would be about £20

I wondered if the cost (in part )of an annual pass would qualify as a childminding expense as we would make more use out of the place and there is a lot to tie in with EYFS and other activities that could interest the children.

I hope this makes sense.


SquishyCinnamonSwirls Thu 11-Aug-11 14:30:37

Makes perfect sense, and I put my National Trust membership through as an expense so I can't see why not. We have a Trust property with farm attached that has much the same attraction as you've listed not too far away that is perfect for the holidays.
The membership allows access to the house and garden but the farm is an additional admission cost so the annual cost of the membership goes through as a complete expense but I only put the extra admission costs of my minded children through and not my own child. Hope that makes sense!

soberton Thu 11-Aug-11 16:07:09

Thank you, that's really helpful, I wasn't sure what was acceptable re expenses for this kind of thing.

Obviously I would only put through the proportion of the membership that covers the minded children ( eg pass is for 1 adult & 5 children, so I would only reclaim 2 sixths of cost, as only has 2 mindees at present) and obviously their share of the bus fares for these trips.

pollywollyhadadollycalledmolly Thu 11-Aug-11 17:05:25

Yes i think its acceptable. The thing to always ask your self is 'if i wasnt cming would i buy this?' and if the answer is yes then dont put it through and if the answer is no, i'm only buying this cos im a cm then put it through.

I think in this case its fine to put part of it through. You could also claim for your entry as well (of the proportion of the cost for you). x

nannyboo1 Fri 12-Aug-11 01:06:36

Definitely our local country park (not brilliant but okay) costs £18 a year and I put the full cost through. We do not have children of our own and only have it to take the children.

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