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CMs - RIOTS.......

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looneytune Tue 09-Aug-11 15:02:43

Hi all

I'm planning some trips out of my home town but am wondering if I should leave these bigger trips until the riots have died down? I'm in Reading and was planning a trip to somewhere in Oxford and also Weston-S-Mare. I wasn't sure how far these riots had spread so looked on Google and there is a map showing loads of areas sad One is in Bristol which is on route to W-S-M but the others aren't near Oxford.....YET!

I'm thinking it would be wise to leave it all for this week but it means certain children will miss out (due to hols). WWYD? Am I over-reacting? I just hate the thought of something happening whilst out (ok, I know things can happen at any time but this is a bit different isn't it). Also, even if where I am going isn't affected, of course there could be nightmare problems on roads due to it.

Your thoughts would be much appreciated.

TIA smile

looneytune Tue 09-Aug-11 15:08:14

You can ignore me LOL, just spoken to my dad who has been following it on the news (unlike me) and he says it's only at night so should be ok.

Thanks smile

Danthe4th Tue 09-Aug-11 15:56:45

Oxford mcdonalds has been firebombed, I would stay close to home. How far from the cotswolds are you, we have some fab places to visit which should be fine. Cotswolds farm park is worth a visit for a day with young children, or cotswolds wildlife park near burford.

fairimum Tue 09-Aug-11 16:07:35

some of them yesterday started at about 2pm.... suppose will know more in the morning

SquishyCinnamonSwirls Tue 09-Aug-11 19:00:37

I would hedge your bets and find something to do nearer to home.

thebody Tue 09-Aug-11 20:39:15

I wouldnt take the responsibiliy... I wouldnt allow my dd to go to bham today with her friends (am) and its all kicking off there now.. better safe than sorry. even more so with other peoples precious children.. keep home, keep safe..

Tanith Tue 09-Aug-11 23:07:15

My sister lives in Reading and says there's been trouble in Oxford road and Whitley. Town centre shops were advised to close by police.
I think I'd be stopping at home for now, if I were you.

leesax Wed 10-Aug-11 18:48:09

I live in Birmingham and have cancelled any trips that mean travelling through or near any of the areas where there has been trouble - really not worth the risk.

We have lots of in house 'special days' arranged now

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