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Nanny employers - would you employ a nanny with own child who wasn't intending to bring own child to work?

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mogs0 Thu 04-Aug-11 17:47:22

I am a CM. I was a nanny for a number of years before I had ds (nearly 9) then registered as a cm after a couple of very part-time nanny jobs where I took ds with me.

Now that he's older I'm considering nannying work again and wondered what nanny employers' views would be.

Gastonladybird Thu 04-Aug-11 18:22:52

Yes -would want to know what holiday sick arrangements were (but tbh I would check absence , expectations re holiday with any nanny).

Tbh you would probably be a great candidate cos of your breadth of personal and professional experience .

mogs0 Thu 04-Aug-11 19:21:28

Do you mean my ds' sick/holiday arrangements?

I hadn't really thought of sickness - due to the fact that he's never ill.

I guess it'd be a bit strange during the school holidays to be with other people's children and have my own looked after by someone else - unless it was part-time.

Hmm, maybe I'm better off CMing for a while longer. Whilst I love looking after children, the paperwork, the juggling lots of different families needs and the ridiculous amounts of toys and equipment in my little house get me down sometimes!!

nannynick Thu 04-Aug-11 19:39:04

I left home at 6.30am and would have got back at 7.30pm if I had not gone to the gym (mumsnetting from the gym!) - sure not all nanny jobs are those hours but they could be. So you wouldn't be seeing your son during the day at all - would he like that, would you?
If his father is going to provide all childcare for him, then that would work. If covering for sickness, days school is shut, school holidays would all fall down to you then it would be a lot harder. Term time only jobs do exist though, so that may work but keep in mind that term dates are not the same for each school.

Gastonladybird Thu 04-Aug-11 19:39:58

Your ds - yes. It doesnt rule out nannying but you would be looking at something that is part nanny share if you wanted to bring ds with you. There is another thread on here about nanny bringing her child to work - it's probably good reading for views on how it works.

Gastonladybird Thu 04-Aug-11 19:41:15

Nannynick right on hours - my nanny works 7.30 -6 (technically 6.30). That doesn't leave much time with ds

nbee84 Thu 04-Aug-11 20:34:54

I was a cm'er whilst my children were younger and went back to nannying when my youngest was 14 - once he'd got to the age where he was going to friends after school or going to the golf club and I was also happy for him to spend 2-3 hours at home by himself after school and to leave him at home in the holidays (spent most of it playing golf though). He did have one or two days when he was off school sick, but both my dh and I were contactable by phone should he have needed us, but he just spent time in bed/on the sofa and checked in with us now and then.

I definitely felt it was better for me to continue cm'ing whilst he still needed the parental supervision and whilst at primary school so that I could go to school plays/assemblies/sports days (used to take cm dc's, with parents permission)

And yes, it was a great selling point as a nanny to have brought up my own family as well as having been a nanny and cm'er smile

redglow Fri 05-Aug-11 01:15:19

I have worked for many years as a nanny and have always took my children with me. A lot of the time my mum had mine but I always had the option of takeing them along if I needed too.

StillSquiffy Fri 05-Aug-11 07:26:49

I'd be far happier having a nanny bring along her 9YO with her than her having someone else look after him - too many concerns re: afterschool care, holiday cover, etc.

nannyl Fri 05-Aug-11 08:57:58

id also think that as your DS is 9 there is less chance of you getting pg and going on ML than for younger nannies who dont have children yet.

hellitops Mon 08-Aug-11 21:47:55

I'm thinking of becoming a nanny -partly because I've been thinking about it for a while and partly because our childcare arrangements seem to have fallen through.

So you think generally people will be happy to employ a nanny who brings their own child? Even if this is a child under a year-old?

ladybird do you know which thread it is?

nbee84 Mon 08-Aug-11 22:20:24

hellitops - op was asking whether employers would consider a nanny who wasn't intending to bring their own child along.

To answer your question. There are jobs out there where the employer is happy for a nanny to bring their own child, but these tend to be jobs where they are finding it a bit difficult to get a nanny. This could be down to a number of reasons but the main ones seem to be;

before and after school care (so split shifts ie 7.30am - 8.45am then 3pm - 6pm) which doesn't appeal to a lot of nannies without children as the earnings are considerably lower, even if they are looking for a part time job most would prefer 30 hours over 3 days than 25-30 hours over 5 days.

limited childcare budget - would like a nanny but can't afford the going rate in the area, a nanny with own child is usually 25-30% cheaper.

they live in an area where there are fewer nannies so they broaden their search to include nannies with their own children.

There are of course employers who quite actively search for a nanny with their own child as they like the positives that it brings - company for their own child, that nanny has actual experience of being a parent, that nanny is likely to stay in a job for some time as the nanny will also want stability for their own child to name a few.

What I would say though is that such jobs are likely to go to nannies that have working experience with children (particularly as a sole charge nanny)before having their own child. Most would question why you want to be a nanny with your own child if you haven't done this sort of work before - they may wonder if your motivation is solely so that you can work but have your own child with you.

Gastonladybird Mon 08-Aug-11 22:22:05

Was nanny bringing own child to work in summerholidays.

And yes I would think of employing nanny with own child but would be unlikely to do this if my own kids were quite young (for same reason you have age ratios with cm). I would also be more inclined to do this with a nanny I knew and had employed (so trusted) or where they had done this before and shown it had worked. Therefore if you are thinking of doing this from scratch and have not had nanny experience (or other relevant childcare experience) and was also going into working with their child (so no idea how would split care, cope with sick days etc).

Gastonladybird Mon 08-Aug-11 22:22:57

Cross posts nbee

hatwoman Mon 08-Aug-11 22:29:18

the question you are basically asking is - would you employ someone with a child? the only reasonable answer is yes. makes no difference is you're employing a nanny, a firefighter, or a nuclear scientist. or we'd all be without jobs confused

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