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Nanny and redundancy

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iamlindylou Sun 31-Jul-11 13:46:14


I have just left my position as a live in nanny after four and a half years. I was told that when the children start school in september my employer would need a house keeper/nanny rather than the nanny position i was employed as. Verbally it was agreed that a housekeeper nanny would be employed mid july/ august and i should look for a new posiotion to coincide with these dates. My employer placed an advert for a Housekeeper/Nanny and when it finally sinked in that i was leaving i looked for alternative emploment. I was very fortunate to find a new position before my employers found my replacement and told them, again verbaly, that i would be leaving at the end of July. My employers then found their new housekeeper who was able to start straight away and asked if i wanted to leave earlier i said not.
When my leaving day came i received a beautiful photo of the children but no card or gift from the parents, i was very upset as i felt i was a valued and loyal employee, i never had a sick day and always bent over backwards to accomodate my employers requests.
I am now thinking that i was in fact made redundant from my position even though there was nothing in writing to suggest this. When i emailed my employers to find out what my final pay would be i was told my p45 was going to take a while and i have no final payslip as yet. I asked about any outstanding holiday pay and was given some very confusing calculations which basicaly meant i wasnt getting anything. I then replied with a link to a page about making your nanny redundant! i have at no time said or acted in any other than a professional way and always been very careful as not to put anything incriminating in any emails. My ex boss today has emailed me saying that they have been advised not to send any more emails to me but want me to call them. I dont not want to call them and make things worse, please could anyone advise me on where to go from here? maybe i am acting foolishly because i felt i should have received a leaving card, or maybe i am justified in thinking i am entitled to redundancy pay. Any comments would be gratefully recieved either with me or against me i just want an unbiased opinion and some help on what to do next!
Sorry its such a long post!!!

fraktious Sun 31-Jul-11 16:08:08

Did they formally offer you the replacement position, regardless of whether you'd have taken it? It does sound like a redundancy situation. I would keep everything in writing and contact your insurer's legal helpline for advice.

Redundancy pay shouldn't be affected by holiday calculations although your final payslips might be. Can you post the calculations?

The leaving card, I'm afraid, is entirely optional! It might have been nice and thoughtful but ultimately itdepends on the kind of reoationship you had with them.

foodjunkie Sun 31-Jul-11 17:01:07

Will PM you

nannyl Sun 31-Jul-11 20:41:38

I assume you have nanny insurance?

Give the legal dept / helpline a call and they will help you

or call ACAS

Good luck

harrietthespook Sun 31-Jul-11 21:02:59

It sounds like youe been made redundant...also curious if they offered you the job. I wouldn't call them- of course they don't want anything in writing.

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