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Interview questions/advice meeting my first Au Pair on Monday.

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HeatherSmall Sat 30-Jul-11 00:12:39

She is American and has lots of experience with children and very well educated by all accounts.
What do I need from an Identification point of view and are there any set questions i could down load off the web at all ?
Many thanks

fraktious Sat 30-Jul-11 07:13:25

ID you need to see passport with right to work in the UK and check that any restrictions on her visa are compatible with your job. NB this is rare for an American. Personally I would have asked to see a s an of that before interview to avoid wasting time/raising expectations if it's not possible.

You should also ask to see evidence of a clear criminal record and any certificates such as CPR/1St aid.

Questions will depend what you need her to do and the age of your children but in general you want to find out views on routine, food, discipline, suitable activities and homework assistance (if applicable). A couple of situation based questions of 1st aid/dealing with tricky situations would also be a good idea.

Make sure you discuss anything in your contract which may come as a surprise, check she's happy with the wage and any restrictions kn her holidays (eg outside term time only/when you're on holiday/no more than 2 consecutive weeks).

There are threads on here with interview questions for a nanny - if you search this section using advanced search they should cone up. I would link but I'm on the app.

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