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Changing circumstances...when best to raise with nanny?

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JinxyCat Mon 25-Jul-11 22:49:28

Hullo mumsnetters,

Looking for some advice on our situation - we currently have a great live-in nanny and are looking at a possible move to Australia with my DHs work which is likely to be anytime between December and February next year (depending on when a good opportunity comes up within his company). Additionally, I'm planning on going on maternity leave from early October.

We have a contract with our nanny that states either party can give four weeks notice, in advance of the original 'end date' on the contract (start date + one year).

My dilemma is that when we hired her, we thought that we were hiring for a two year position (although the contract is a standard one year one) - but the financial costs plus potential move have changed that for us.

So, I'm wondering - when would you guys think is a good/right time to talk to her about us likely wanting her to stop working in early November?

I'm feeling that we should talk to her about this ASAP, as it is a change in our thinking from when we signed the contract which we know about now - but am hesitant because this may mean that she looks for a new job earlier and we are then faced with finding a new temporary nanny.

However, I'm conscious that if she was to get a new job, there may be better opportunities available to her if she left earlier - which I wouldn't want to restrict her from. As you can probably tell - I'm conflicted about what the 'best'/'right' thing to do is...

So, nannies - what would you want your family to do for you?
And if we did raise it early then would you be likely to leave before November?

nannynick Mon 25-Jul-11 23:10:44

New jobs could be starting September. I've been noticing that adverts for a September start have been appearing recently. So if you told them now, then you do risk them going to interviews immediately and then giving you 4 weeks notice so they can start a new job in September.

You do not sound certain about anything, though the maternity leave will be happening at some point but is the date set for that yet? Does your nanny know you will be taking maternity leave and that due to that you may be reconsidering your childcare requirements? Maybe that would be the thing to talk about initially, as things like the move may not happen.

If it were me and my boss told me that I would probably not be needed from Oct/November, I would start job hunting and if I got a job starting in Sept, I would seriously consider taking it. Ultimately nanny looks after No.1 - themselves. If a nanny waits until October, they might not start a new job until January or even later.

longjane Tue 26-Jul-11 06:29:57

As your nanny live in
She may well know something is up. She will have heard you talking maybe.
She will know you are PG . So I would be as honest as possible. because she is going to be made homeless when you go she does need to start look for work ASAP. She might even be looking now you do get vibe that something is afoot when you live in. The kids talk as well.

pinkytheshrinky Tue 26-Jul-11 07:06:18

I think you should just tell her too, as she is live in.

Lily311 Tue 26-Jul-11 12:59:48

Depends on your relationship with nanny. My previous boss told in early August 3 years ago that she wouldn't need me from 9th January the following year. I've been working for them at that point for 19months and had brilliant relationship with them. I started to look for a new position within a month with January starting date but applied for those starting in December as well (many families can sort out a couple of weeks childcare while waiting for the right nanny to start).My current job was advertised as starting beg of Dec and Iwas really keen on it but in my cover later I stated that because of my loyalty to my prev family I wouldn't be able to start before the 9th Jan. They invited me for interview anyhow and got the job offered at the end of Sept (3 months early). They asked the grandparents to help out with childcare in Dec. Afterwards they said they loved and appreciated my loyalty to my prev family, it was a big bonus point.

noviceoftheday Wed 27-Jul-11 09:16:23

I agree with Lily, but wanted to add no need to feel under pressure to tell her sooner rather than later just because she is live in. I didn't tell mine until I was 4 months pg and she was none the wiser beforehand.

noviceoftheday Wed 27-Jul-11 09:16:26

I agree with Lily, but wanted to add no need to feel under pressure to tell her sooner rather than later just because she is live in. I didn't tell mine until I was 4 months pg and she was none the wiser beforehand.

Strix Wed 27-Jul-11 10:07:40

How certain is this move to Australia? If it's a pie in the sky I wouldn't mention anything until your own plans are a bit more clear. If it is certain to happen, but just waiting to confrim the timings, then you could mention earlier rather than later. But, of course, you will probably be leaving yourself in lurch with regard to an early resignation.

JinxyCat Thu 28-Jul-11 20:59:04

Hi all, thanks for the comments.

She does know I'm pregnant (I'm six months now, little hard to hide and she's a smart cookie).

I've decided to raise the possibility with her that we could move, and asked her if she'd be happy to look into reducing her days with us to 2 from two weeks after the baby is due - and that we could both look into finding her a three-day week job with another family. She seems open to the idea, so we'll have a look around and see what we can find - and should the move to Australia come off, we'll have something more concrete to discuss with her...

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