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CM - What do you consider to be "catering to dietary needs"

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gardenpixies32 Mon 25-Jul-11 13:37:57

I was wondering what cm's consider to be 'catering to dietary needs'.

I have a mindee who will not eat fruit of any sort. In fact, the only fruit he would eat (raisins), mum has now said because of the high sugar content he can't have them. She asked if I would make/buy fruit purees and put them in yoghurts as he will eat them. I did this, no problem.

Now, according to doctor, he may be lactose intolerant. She sent me a text this morning mentioning that he is now having lacotse free milk and no diary products at all. All fine, not a problem. I ask her to send in the loctose free milk in with him tomorrow. Should I be providing this for him? My main issue with providing it is that he only 2 days a week and I feel it doesnt make sense to buy a carton of this milk for 2 of his breakfasts each week.

Danthe4th Mon 25-Jul-11 13:46:42

Sounds like it may be worth asking for mum to supply a packed lunch and snacks so she can then see what he is eating and it can be monitored.

SquishyCinnamonSwirls Mon 25-Jul-11 15:54:14

My feeling on this is that if it's not something that you'd ordinarily buy then ask for the parent to provide it.

apotomak Mon 25-Jul-11 16:37:48

I would ask mum to provide. The chances are that if he has been to the doctor his milk can come on prescription so the parents don't pay for it. My son gets soya milk that way. I also have a friend whose child is on gluten free diet and she gets lots of stuff for him from pharmacy like special bread, flour and even cakes.

HSMM Mon 25-Jul-11 21:04:46

I have had assorted dietary requests:
- vegetarian, but does eat chicken nuggets hmm
- no pork, for religious reasons
- dairy intolerance
- egg allergy
- organic and non processed food only please
- if you could get him to eat any fruit/veg, I would be extremeley grateful
- doesn't like chocolate (that one was easy)
- eats anything except baked beans
- no apples or hazlenuts
- specific brands of baby milk wanted
- doesn't like milky puddings
- if you can get her to eat anything other than cheese and chips that would be fab

I have been able to work all these into our normal daily routine/diet (at different times, with different children). If something was very unusual/expensive, then I would have to negotiate with parents. My policies state special diets are catered for after consultation with parents.

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