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Risk Assessments, I'm not sure what to put

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MrsGravy Sun 24-Jul-11 21:33:03

Sorry, it's me again. I'm nearly finished with my application so there shouldn't be too many more questions!!

I'm supposed to carry out risk assessments for my application but I'm struggling a bit. I have three children already so my house is child/baby proofed. I honestly cannot think of one dangerous thing about my living room for example - could I put risk to babies of climbing on furniture?? With the action taken to simply be supervise closely?? Same with my kitchen, all the drawers and cupboards have child locks on them. I have a stairgate across the doorway so no children can even get in there. All I can think of is climbing on furniture again and obviously the cooker.

Is that ok?!

HSMM Mon 25-Jul-11 07:35:02

Think about what you baby proofed and why.

ie Risks in the kitchen are sharp knives, glasses, plastic bags, matches, cleaning products, etc. Solutions are locks on the doors and a stairgate across the doorway. Do that for each room.

That's how I do mine anyway.

Danthe4th Mon 25-Jul-11 08:18:41

escaping children, front door locked- where are your keys.
back gate locked
trapped fingers- door jammers
banged heads on sharp edges- edges covered
poisoning- bleach etc locked away
tripping- injury- floors tidy, rugs removed if hazard
cooker-burning hazard- access to kitchen supervised
highchairs- falling child- supervised at all times/strapped in

its a bit early I can't think!!!
But go around your house at a child level and also write a quick check list that you can date daily to show you have done a quick check before mindees arrive, I always used to have to check for small bits of lego and playmobil and any other unsuitable toys for young children.

badgerhead Mon 25-Jul-11 08:29:34

Also remember risk assessments for the garden, outings, school run. travelling in a car or public transport etc.

TwistAndShout Mon 25-Jul-11 08:32:30

There is a really comprehensive risk assessment for childminders on south gloucestershire council website. Google it. I printed it out and filled in the relevant parts. My Ofsted inspector was inpressed by it and said there was no point reinventing the wheeel.

It might give you some ideas.

MrsGravy Mon 25-Jul-11 20:09:05

Thanks again, I guess I need to list everything, even if I've already taken action to lower/avoid risk. I didn't get that last night when I was too knackered to think straight!!

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