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Occasional Saturday Child Minding

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cchap Sun 24-Jul-11 18:59:09

Hi all,
I am a registered Child Minder and I am doing some research into childcare needs.
Would anyone be interested in a short term childminding service on a Saturday? I am in the early stages of planning but I am thinking of offering a Childminding service on an as and when basis to enable parents to use the time to do shopping, driving lessons, appointments, weddings,couple time etc.
I am also thinking of offering earlier starts to accommodate shift workers as I realise that it is difficult to source childcare for this.
Would any of this be of interest to anybody? I would appreciate any suggestions. Many Thanks for your help smile

HSMM Sun 24-Jul-11 20:13:28

I am a CM too. You probably will find some demand for Saturday minding. I did a parent questionnaire several years ago and a parent said one of the main disadvantages of using my services was that I was not available on Saturdays (she had never asked!). I now advertise occasional Saturday minding and probably work about 1 Saturday per month.

I'm sure several of my current parents would love me to start earlier in the morning (judging by the way they are sitting in the drive waiting for 8am and then wheel spin out on the gravel) grin.

Tanith Sun 24-Jul-11 21:34:23

I have offered Saturdays for several years now and I've found there is very little demand for it. In all the time I've offered it, only one family used it and even then it was once a month.
There are more family and friends to help out with childcare at weekends so parents don't have the same need for paid childcare.
I hope you find more demand for your service.

mycatoscar Mon 25-Jul-11 11:56:06

My friend and her dp works in retail and have huge problems with staurday care - I think there would be the demand for it if you advertised in the right place.

Also, my CM starts from 7am if needed, I use a 7.30 start. Again, probbaly is demand for that.

apotomak Mon 25-Jul-11 16:46:13

I suggest you look into your local are rather than here. I'm registered for overnight care, happy to so Saturdays and Sundays and not just occasional as well as early starts and late finishes and shift work. So far I only managed to fill Saturday and weekdays within office hours. there is no call for Sundays, night care or even early starts and finishes in my area.

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