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What is the going rate to pay an au pair?

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Rosa Sun 24-Jul-11 12:24:32

Will be live in bed and board , no car as she doesn't drive. Haven't got a clue and thought it would be faster to ask here .. THanks v much.

nannynick Sun 24-Jul-11 13:53:01

Less than £102 per week (Class 1 NICs threshold) if you don't want to start getting involved in taxation. Though keep in mind that if they have any other income, then you may still need to operate PAYE.

You have not said anything about the duties you are expecting them to do, the hours, the days anything like that. There isn't going to be a "going rate" as it's all down to market forces... they will have a figure in mind and you will have a max figure in mind, so it's finding a point where you are both in agreement. Other local families may be offering au-pairs more money, less work. There can be many factors that affect things.

You need to include them in family activities, so take them out for a dinner, to the cinema, show them around the town/city, whatever you like but involve them in some way with what you do as a family.

Have a look at other message threads about au-pairs to get a feel for what other families pay - such as:
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Rosa Sun 24-Jul-11 14:37:39

Thanks for that - It is actually a relation that is looking for summer work and I need help for a month . It will purely be child related and there are not any other au pairs in the area .

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