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New childminder in Stafford needs advice!!!!

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Ninabo Thu 21-Jul-11 20:30:24

Hi there, is there anyone there that may be able to give me some advice on getting my first clients and advertising?
It would be wonderful if I could make friends with someone who is also a childminder in Stafford that I could swap details with if they are full and vice versa but not sure what the rules are about approaching others for advice, links or business. I've put my details on, and the directories such as yell and thomson and also visited local surestart groups but am yet to get any calls.

twentyten Thu 21-Jul-11 20:36:08

Hi Ninabo!
Good luck with your venture- have you tried postcards in doctors surgeries/post office/newsagents/supermarkets?NCT groups?

Good luck!

surfandturf Fri 22-Jul-11 09:43:47

Hi Nina,

My advice would be to be a bit more 'forward'. I joined and sent messages to anyone who had posted on there in my area in the past few months asking if they still needed help with their childcare requirements. I also sent emails to all the local childminders in my area to let them know I was starting up and that if they recieved any enquiries they couldn't take could they pass on my details. The childminders close to me were all very helpful and supportive.

Good luck x

Danthe4th Sat 23-Jul-11 12:40:58

Get yourself visiting any toddler groups in the area also playgroups and schools when they return in september. Best advert is mums seeing you with your own children, have your details printed off and ready to give out if you here anyone talking about returning to work. You could also volunteer to help at playgroups and the surestart centres as it gets you known amongst all the local mums and staff and people see you as being keen and friendly. Good luck

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