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Tax credits question

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bellybuttons Thu 21-Jul-11 19:29:34

I have a new parent starting with me who will be receiving tax credits to help pay the childcare costs. Does anyone receive tax credit money and if so, is it paid directly to me from tax credits or does it go to the parent and then to me from them? Also, how long before you received any money from tax credits? Can it be set up before child starts reading for them starting?
Thank you for any help smile

bigdonna Thu 21-Jul-11 21:07:20

hi tax credits are sent to parents,then they will pay you as they wont get the full childcare paid for them

Danthe4th Sat 23-Jul-11 12:45:37

You may get a phone call to check details, costs etc from hmrc but the parent has to pay you regardless of them receiving tax credit money, that is not your problem. Always get paid in advance.
Or are you talking about childcare vouchers?? as that is different, that is a salary sacrifice scheme run by employers and that can be set up in advance by the parents so they can have a month or so of payments ready in advance to be transfered direct to your bank account.

bellybuttons Sat 23-Jul-11 15:52:24

Thanks for your replies.

It is tax credits not childcare vouchers. I have never had a Parent with them before so it's all new. I have always been a bit of a hard faced business woman in the past regarding payment but feeling a bit sorry for this parent. She is starting a new job and as such, won't get paid herself for the first month. She has said she will pay me some up front and then could she pay back the rest over the coming months - not sure how this will work in practice but will set out a payment schedule with her. Also not sure if when she said that she was referring to the tax credit money included or that separately which is slightly worrying as the majority (about 70% I think) is coming from tax credits. Just hope it all works out ok in the end as really need the work!

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