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What should I do...?

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mumof2biggerones Wed 20-Jul-11 19:06:37

Hi, I posted on here yesterday with regards to a child, who in my care fell off a bike, broke her arm and had to have an operation to reset the arm (I'm in Scotland and needed advice on how to notifty - that's been sorted) BUT

how do I move on from this incident? I saw the child today and she is as well as to be expected, but the guilt that this happened in my care is awful, even though I couldn't have prevented this happening and it was an accident. I had a child with me today and said no to playing on any bike or scooter, just in case... however, I know that this is ridiculous and I can't stop them forever.

The parents have both said that I'm not to worry about this at all and that accidents happen.

Have thought about jacking it all in today, but I really enjoy childminding and it fits in with our family committments.

Has anyone else had any experience of this happening and how did you move on?

gardenpixies32 Wed 20-Jul-11 19:13:07

Don't beat yourself up about it! Although, I am very much like you, I would be feeling dreadful! Just keep reminding yourself that children get fall over and get hurt sometimes, it is part of growing up.

Growing up I had...
A cracked elbow
A broken wrist
A broken ankle (twice!)
Broken finger and toe
Stitches on my knee and elbow (falling off my bike)
And I am still alive and have no deep rooted psychological disorders from it (I hope) :0

It could just as easily have happened while she was with her parents. I hope you feel better about it soon x

HSMM Wed 20-Jul-11 19:32:00

I had a child in my care break her arm last Summer. Worst thing was that I didn't even realise! I felt awful when her Mum phoned me after their visit to A&E. Her parents were lovely about it, but I still get very nervous when I pass the point on our walk where she tripped and fell.

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