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Question to childminders in Scotland

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mumof2biggerones Tue 19-Jul-11 18:07:40

Hi, I had my first major accident today - one of my mindees broke their arm and has had to get an operation to fix it (they fell off the bike they were playing on). To say I feel crap is an understatement but both mum and dad have said that 'accidents happen' and not to beat myself up over this at all. I've filled in all the necessary accident forms as per my policy but I was wondering if I have a legal obligation to report this the Care Commission.

I did phone them but the lady wasn't too sure what the procedure was and someone would get back to me, no-one has yet. Have also looked online for any guidance but could only see stuff about England and Ofsted. Thank you for taking the time to read this and for any comments you can give.

linsaydoubtfire Wed 20-Jul-11 08:30:28

As the care commission have been taken over by SCSWIS there policies seem to be the same as before in that you cover yourself at all times,which you did when you did your report,thats why we have incident and accident books that you get signed by parent and date at all times incase parents decide its not healing right or decide to go down the American route.All registered c/minders are insured by Royal Sun Alliance SCMA and registered with them who have a legal team attached.i always call them for advice if you want to be 100%.

mumof2biggerones Wed 20-Jul-11 18:56:08

Hi, thank you for your reply. My SCSWIS officer got back to me today and advised that I did have to report it to them as the accident had resulted in the child going to hospital and having an operation. There's a section on SCSWIS website (eforms) that lists 'notify SCSWIS of event' and under there is a list of when a service provider has to notify them after an accident; not too sure what happens now, will have to wait and see :0/ Thank you once again,

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