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sleeplessinderbyshire Mon 18-Jul-11 22:39:10

DH has finally got some work after 18 months of short time working. bad news is that he'll have a 75 minute commute and can't pick DD up from nursery every night. I work 3.5 days - I 9-5 day which is fine, one 8.15-2/3pm day which is fine and 2 long days 8.30-6 and 8-630. No way of changing these. I've negotiated that I can probably manage to squeeze 830-6 into 820-550 so can get DD at 6 for extended late night nursery pick up. Bit stuck on the 8-630 day. any ideas? DH's contract is for 3 months after which there may be some working from home possibility. There's a girl at nursery who has on occasion taken DD home and put her to bed for me in an emergency but she's not keen on a more regular arranegment. The only other nursery girl who'd be interested can't drive.

Aarrrgh - as it's summer holiday time might I find a 6th former or uni student who'd do 2 evenings a week pick up at 530 take home, easy tea, play in the garden/cbeebies and I'd be home for 635-7pm? I have no family at all locally and all my mates also work

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