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problems with Imperial nannies?

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Dina2 Sat 16-Jul-11 16:01:19

I recently experienced problems with Imperial nannies not fulfilling the replacement service for a nanny they placed with us who is leaving after two months. The manager of Imperial does not even listen to us and does not give us access to the owner of the business, a Mrs Ambrose, who is apparently very important in this business. Did anyone have a similar experience with Imperial or other agencies? Isn't it time for some serious regulation in this sector?

nannynick Sat 16-Jul-11 17:43:28

Some agencies are members of REC, so if an agency is a REC member a complaint can be made to REC.

Imperial Nannies is a REC member - they are listed in the REC Directory.

First make a formal complaint in writing to Mrs Ambrose (her first name is SaraJane, it's on their website) at the head office address which I expect is the one in Kensington. If having done that you are not happy with the outcome or do not get a reply within a reasonable time period, then contact REC.

There is also legislation covering employment agencies and employment businesses. You may want to start by reading further information about Employment Agency Standards inspectorate. Nanny agencies may consider themselves to be Introduction Agencies and thus it isn't clear to me if they have to comply with appropriate legislation or not. EASi may be able to provide you with advice regarding if all agencies are subject to the legislation or if some categories of agency are exempted.

Have you complied with all the terms with regard to being able to get a replacement nanny? Imperial Nannies: Terms

Oligo Sat 16-Jul-11 17:49:56

Can they offered a refund instead? Maybe there just isn't anyone to replace the nanny with.

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