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How do I go about finding a childminder for my DS?

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victoriasmith Fri 15-Jul-11 21:03:07

Hello, my DS is now 4 months old and I will be returning to work once he turns 1 but want to get his child care sorted now, although some tell me I have already left it late.

I was agonising over childminder vs nursery but think that I would prefer the consistency that a child minder could offer.

However, I have no idea on how to begin my search, please help and set me going in the right direction.


falasportugues Fri 15-Jul-11 22:01:41

ring the council, ask for the childrens' information service. they hold a list of registered childminders they can post out to you hth

nannynick Fri 15-Jul-11 22:19:06

I think you are in Leeds area (not stalking you, don't panic! Mumsnet Advanced Search picked up a message you posted on a Mumnet Local board) , so try The Family Hub Leeds : Childcare Search which may list some local childminders. The list may not be totally complete as some childminders may have elected not to have their information made available via the online system, so you can call Family Hub Leeds on 0800 731 0640 to have a chat with their helpline staff who will be able to access all information about local childcare.

Some childminders may have a waiting list, so if a place comes available they could contact you to see if you wanted it. Others may have spaces available now, which may or may not be available by the time you want it. So you would need to decide if you would be willing to pay to reserve that place, or not.

Your DS is only 4 months now... you are looking some 7 to 8 months ahead, so things can change in that time, a childminder who is full now may well have spaces in 8 months time.

Also get chatting with people you meet out and about at baby/toddler groups and places like that, as they may well be childminders themselves who your DS can get to know by seeing them at the group, or they may be parents who use a local childminder and thus can recommend someone.

victoriasmith Sat 16-Jul-11 10:19:49

thanks for the advice will look along these lines first and ask around as well. thank you

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