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obs for children reception

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cedar12 Thu 14-Jul-11 11:51:00

Hi, I have 2 children starting in sept who are starting school. One 3days before and after school and one just one day after school. Should I still be doing obs etc on them until they go into year1, how much should I being doing if they have been at school all day?
Thanks will check in later as just off to work (my other job!)

ramade Thu 14-Jul-11 16:33:17


Avantia Thu 14-Jul-11 16:38:34

Obs = observations .

Not sure OP bu isn;t it down to the main setting to keep the profile up to date - Thing is without constant communication with the school you will not know what stage they will be at .

Some one will come alomg soon to calrify it ll .

Role on sept 2012 when they bring in 'New EYFS' .

surfandturf Thu 14-Jul-11 23:57:14

New to all this but as far as I was aware you class children as Early Years untill August 31st after their 5th birthday so it would depend if the child is already 5 when they start school in September. If so, then no, you would not need to to complete obs for them, however if the child is starting school aged 4, then yes, you will need to complete obs for them untill end of August 2012.

Someone may come along now though and tell me I'm completely wrong!!! grin

cedar12 Fri 15-Jul-11 11:10:35

Thanks surf and turf. Both of them will be 4. Is one structured observation ok a month? New to all this as well.

ayla99 Fri 15-Jul-11 12:56:27

Have discussed this with 2 Ofsted Inspectors who weren't interested in looking at any written records for children attending school. However, they both refused to commit themselves to saying that it wasn't necessary to do them. So Unfortunately, this doesn't mean you are taking a risk if you stop doing them, because EYFS in its current form does require the same written records to be kept for each child regardless of which, if any, other settings they go to.

It is ONLY the final profile at the end of the school year that we get out of doing - this must be completed by the setting which the child attends most ie, school. (even if you have them overnight & after school, its the daytime hours that count). Apart from the child ratio change when the child attends full-time, everything else in EYFS continues to apply until 31 Aug after 5th birthday.

However, Ofsted should consider your records in proportion to the time the child spends with you. If you have a full-time baby and a sibling who attends an hour a week, you cannot possibly have the same amount of obs on both children. You will, as a competent childminder, have a good knowledge of what the older child is learning at other settings and at home and your planning could show that you are supporting and building around that. In theory, the school should be covering the whole of the EYFS AoL but there may be cases where this is not happening ... if a child has been absent a lot perhaps.

ayla99 Fri 15-Jul-11 12:57:01

this DOES mean you are taking a risk

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