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Babysitting rates in Edinburgh?

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shemademedoit Thu 14-Jul-11 10:13:19

Hello. I hope one of you can help me! Any advice on the going rate for babysitting in Edinburgh? It's for a sitter who is in her thirties, experienced, has kids of her own, police checked and teaches in primary/secondary school? (Me!) I want to earn some spare cash in the evenings when I'm there in the summer, but have no idea what to charge. My old nanny said she pays £7.50 for 2+ kids: I used to pay more 7 years ago (to her!) but I know times have changed. I'd be OK with £7.50: is this reasonable?. Thanks in advance for your advice.x

shemademedoit Thu 14-Jul-11 15:45:56

Or even babysitting rates in general? Thanks.

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